• Carat (Ct.)

    Unit of weight used for diamonds and gemstones. Approximately 1/5g.

  • Total Weight (tw)

    Referring to the total weight of all gems or diamonds.

  • Diamond Total Weight (Dwt)

    Used to separate diamond total weight from gem total weight if both are present.

  • Gem Total Weight (Gtw)

    Used to separate gem total weight from diamond total weight if both are present.

  • Gram (g)

    Unit of measure commonly used for precious metals. Approximately 0.032Troy oz.

  • Troy Oz (Toz)

    Troy oz is used for precious metals. Not the same as an Oz. 0.911458 Troy Ounces in one Ounce.

  • Karat (K or Kt)

    Purity of gold in 24ths. 24K is pure gold. 14K is 14 24ths gold or 58.3%
    (14/24=58.3). The industry standard for 14k is 58.5% pure.

  • Sterling Silver (925 or Strl)

    92.5% or more silver content is needed to be considered Sterling Silver.

  • Platinum (Pt950, 950CO, 950IR,or 950RU, Pt900)

    950 is 95.0% platinum content. Co= 5% Cobalt, IR= 5% Iridium, RU= 5% Ruthenium. 900 is 90% platinum with 10% Iridium